Vacuum Tech Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The company was born with the idea of ​​creating equipment for direct metalization of plastic parts based on magnetron sputtering and reactive magnetron sputtering. 

The initial investment was used to create two high-vacuum metallization systems with a total capacity of 12 million pieces monthly working on two shifts. The equipment was designed and manufactured in Plovdiv by Milko Angelov Consult Co. Ltd. and Satel BG Ltd. 

After starting the production in October 2009 we invested in equipment for automatic loading and unloading of details, reducing production waste and the number of employed workers. 

In mid-2011 Vacuum Tech Ltd. started an investment in new production - dimensional metallization of plastic components by thermal evaporation of aluminum in a vacuum, expanding its range of products. The equipment for this new production is designed and constructed by Satel BG. 

Today Vacuum Tech Ltd. is a leader in the field of vacuum metallization of plastic parts being the only manufacturer to offer both direct metalization, metalization with base and top varnish, spraying and decoration.